Diabetes is one of the leading disorders to plague our generation today. It’s a disorder, not a disease. The good news is that it can be well managed with proper self-care and treatment. However, this disorder can lead to a number of serious complications, whether of the heart, nerves or eyes. And if diagnosed late or left untreated, the damage can be irreversible. It’s important to partner with the right diabetes clinic. RIMS Diabetic Clinic devises the right plan to guide you and keep you healthy with the condition. Our diabetes care centres stay with you, every step of the way in controlling and managing your diabetes. We strictly follow the ‘total involvement’ approach. Also we focus on treating the person, not just the disorder. Think of us as an extended part of your family. We care for you sensitively, like a family or friend.  The check-up is categorized as three packages. It includes the free consultation by the Physician, Computerized foot evaluation including Biothesiometry, Foot Pressure Mapping & Doppler. Evaluation, advice and management of complications related to all types of Diabetes. Diabetic Health Check Up for diabetic and Non-Diabetic patients are available.