If it’s an emergency, every second is crucial and so is the treatment given. The Department of Emergency Medicine combines technology and unmatched medical expertise to provide advanced emergency care with utmost efficiency. Capable of handling all emergencies and trained in disaster management, the emergency care team here is always on the alert mode, 24×7. The department provides daily, around the clock, medical services to patients in need. Our medical professionals are available twenty-four hours, seven days a week to treat and consult. The department is ready to handle day to day sicknesses, illnesses and health concerns as well as trauma cases. Our ambulance services are also available around the clock. The ambulance is equipped with a modern mobile ICU, bringing our medical professionals to your door in order to keep you healthy and, if need be, save our patients’ lives. A full-fledged facility with multiple emergency care divisions with state of the art clinical support including a dedicated exclusive Radiology Suite for fast-tracking diagnosis, the team of trained and experienced Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses here have all facilities at hand to extend immediate medical care to critically ill or injured Patients with threat to life or limbs. Designed to create a comfortable and calming ambience, the beds in the treatment area are well separated and curtained to protect the privacy of patients and their families. Our Facilities:
  • The hospital ambience has been carefully created to reduce patient anxiety and create maximum comfort
  • Availability of Best Quality Services
  • Maintains Highest Standard of Sterilization
  • Ultimate Patient Care