The Laboratory Medicine Department at RIMS Hospital is equipped with all modern and hi-tech medical equipments. Instruments with integrated laboratory solutions supporting our Consultants and Clinicians  round the clock  by maintaining  100% accuracy and perfection in carrying out patient investigations  thereby   ensuring error-free patient diagnosis  to all and always. Our laboratory medicine Department is an epitome of a challenging work environment. Protecting people, assets and the environment from explosives and avoiding cross-contamination in a laboratory are vital and our laboratory strictly adheres to these Basic International Requirements which are subject to strict regulatory measures. In addition we ensure data storage without gaps or losses to be compliant and to stay competitive while at the same time making sure that our patients feel comfortable and safe. Credibility of medical laboratories is paramount to the health and safety of the patients relying on the testing services provided by the labs. We at RIMS Central Laboratory strive hard to provide every patient and customer  total satisfaction with  exemplarily  devoted service through a team of  exceptionally qualified and highly experienced lab technologists to obtain results  on time and every time without compromising on quality and precision in the investigations.  They perform ,with special emphasis on daily quality check. Our services go beyond providing reliable reports, but also help to give a complete clinical picture of the patient. Biochemistry The Biochemistry department is equipped with most modern and latest technologies of estimation like fully automated and enhanced semi automated analysers are put into practice. We are using the most modern instruments procured from the world’s most renowned and leading companies and performing Internal Quality Control (QC) and assuring the results by running QC twice daily. Haematology And Clinical Pathology Our hospital has a dynamic and competent team to handle all sorts of haematological cases including malignancies. We have “state of the art” equipments and instruments to back up the diagnostic team. Our Lab is equipped with Fully Automated Cell Counter with VCS Technology. Cytopathology, FNAC’S are being done routinely. A well established laboratory for diagnostic work up of patients attending RIMS Hospital, with separate setups for Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitological, Mycology and Serology. Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine, Histopathology & Microbiology will be started shortly. We have tied up with NABL accredited laboratories to get investigations done with minimal TAT, which are not performed in our laboratory for avoiding the patient inconvenience.