The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) at RIMS Hospital offers comprehensive care for all disorders related to the ear, nose, sinus, head and neck region, for patients of all ages. The medical team here provides customised treatment plans – surgical and non-surgical – after extensive evaluation, with an optimal, evidence – based approach. The Department is equipped with most modern technical support for both diagnosis and treatment, it is one of the finest facilities of its kind in the region offering several advanced procedures like Nasal and Nasopharyngeal Endoscopes for diagnosis, Video Endoscopy facilities for all types of Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries, Microlaryngeal surgeries and voice-improving Phonosurgery for patients with voice issues and specialised surgeries for sleep disorders including snoring and sleep apnea. Multi-disciplinary in approach, it works closely with other departments like Neurosurgery, Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, Allergy & Immunology,  Pulmonology and Paediatrics & Neonatology for management of ear, nose and neck disorders in adults, children and neonates.


  • Outpatient Procedures
  • Otology
  • Rhinology
  • Laryngology
  • Paediatric Otolaryngology
  • Allergy clinic & Sublingual Immunotherapy
  • Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
  • Micro ear surgeries – Tympanoplasty/ossiculoplasty
  • Surgery of the Nose and Para-Nasal Sinuses
  • Snoring & Sleep Apnea
  • Micro laryngeal surgeries
  • Bronchoscopy
Dr.Sumy Philip

Dr.Sumy Philip MS

Specialty: ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) Designation: Consultant Working Days: Mon- Sat OPD Timings: 09.30AM - 01.30PM, 03.30PM - 05.30PM