The Department offers an array of services from treating simple fevers to complicated clinical conditions requiring consolidated attention and referral to proper specialty if required. The department of General Medicine is staffed with highly experienced and competent Doctors. The department is in the forefront of co-operation and co-ordination between different areas of super specializations. The prime goal of the department is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with experience and thoughtful decisions about the patients to foster wellness and healing. Outpatient services and Intensive care facilities are available for both basic and highly advanced care serving the needs of all types of patients.


  • Well equipped and well manned intensive care units
  • Availability of senior physicians round the clock
  • Daily outpatient clinics conducted by highly experienced physicians
  • 24 Hours service in emergency medicine and also in all the wards
  • Comprehensive diabetic care
  • Thyroid clinic
  • Various health checkup programmes for early identification of various diseases/risk factors & appropriate treatment.