My Pelvic bone broken in an accident before one year. Admitted in a hospital and taken proper treatment. After few months i felt severe pain on the injured portion. I started looking for a better orthopaedic surgeon and landed up in RIMS Hospital Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Praveen Kumar K.S. Doctor diagnosed AVASCULAR NECROSIS Disease and he suggested to do HIP Replacement Surgery. On 29/08/2016 Senior Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Praveen Kumar and his team did HIP Replacement Surgery for Mr Saneesh Mani. After my physiotherapy treatment i can feel changes in my health. Let me express my sincere gratitude to all RIMS Staff, Management, Especially to Dr Praveen Kumar for giving me back to my normal life. Definitely Dr Praveen Kumar will be asset for your Institution.  
It would be awful if I don’t put in a good word for Dr.Paul K Abraham, Senior ENT Consultant @RIMS Era2petta. My son Fadil is allergic and has always been suffering from sneezing ,runny nose, itchy eyes and congestion. Furthermore, he had a deviated septum which resulted in the obstruction of both his nostrils always. This condition was barring him from having a good sleep as well as focusing on his studies. So I started poke around online to pick an ENT Surgeon in our area for seeking advice on Septoplasy to fix his problem. Dr.Paul’s vast experience and expertise landed me in choosing him for the job. He proved to be outstanding albeit he was my random selection .He is an amiable person and has always lent his ear to listen to the problems .Very impressed with the systematic approach he adopted for the diagnosis before performing the surgery. His calm and confident attitude overshadowed our worries regarding the surgery. My son is better now and has reduced the use of nasal Decongestant considerably. I wish to thank him and his crew for being courteous and supportive. A special mention to Dr.Jerina for her assistance as well .He is definitely an asset to the Hospital he works with and wishing him all the very best on both his personal and professional endeavors.  
Dear Dr Mohamed Ismail In fact, I feel 100%! I am most grateful to you and all the staff at the RIMS Hospital who looked after me. I genuinely feel I have no problems after my Laparoscopic sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. After surgery I have lost 14 Kg in 2 weeks. It was a great comfort. Thanks again. Dr Ismail and your team are truly doing a great job.
Dr Ismail, I would like to take this moment to thank you and your staff. You changed my life forever and have given me and my family the greatest gift of all – a chance to live a healthy life. It is a wonderful thing to be free of pain in my knees and back and to sleep a good and restful sleep every night.. I can wear normal sized clothing. What a gift you have given me and my family. Ola Mohamed Abdelhay Elbada, Qatar.
At the time of surgery I weighed in at 116.7 Kg .I was reborn on November 2nd 2015. My surgery went off without a hitch. I have now lost 50 Kg. I have had a wonderful experience losing the weight and gaining my life back. I do have one regret though… I wish I would have done this sooner! Yours sincerely, Fatma Abdulla Sulaiman from Alzaab, Oman.
I reached a point where I seriously did not think I would be able to walk in another five or so years. I started out with Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with Dr. Ismail. I am so happy now. Samah Salim, OMAN.
I had my Laparoscopic sleeve Gastrectomy back in March 2016. Dr. Ismail and team were great and walked through the whole process with me. I am happy to say I have kept the weight off this whole time. I lost a total of 54Kg and I would highly recommend Dr. Ismail to anyone looking into weight loss surgery. (Shady Mohamed Mohamed Saleh, Dhoha)
I had my surgery in August, 2016. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 25Kg gone and working on 10 more. I love the energy! Love the compliments! I had a great life and now it’s even better! Thank you!!! (Karima Hilal Ahamed, Barka, OMAN)
Respected Dr. Ismail, 1 year before i was suffering from over weight , which troubled me a lot and affected my personal life and confidence.
It was Dr.Ismail who gave me the confidence to move on with the surgery.Now after one year and two months after surgery i have lost 38 kg in total and weighs 68 kg.
I am very much thankful to Dr. Muhammed Ismail, Dr.Kingsley, Ms. Aranya – Dietician, Mrs. Sunija, ICU staffs and all staffs of RIMS Hospital.
This treatment is completely safe and does not have any complication.
Yours Sincerely
Chithra V
Respected Dr. Mohamed Ismail chairman and managing director of RIMS Hospital Erattupetta, Heartily congratulations for this most modern well equipped multi super speciality hospital. This writer had the privilege to visit your very wonderful modern hospital in Feb 2017 & I could not control my great happiness after visiting this hospital. Really you are doing great job sir. The people around and far will never forget the best services in medical care awarded by you in affordable prices. This writer had visited your hospital as i wished to consult Dr. Manjula Ramachandran most qualified Nephrologist and deputy medical superintendent of the hospital on 18th Feb 2017. May almighty God enable you and the hospital to serve the needy patients in the best manner.   Yours Sincerely Ranni  Achayan
To my dear Dr. Praveen Kumar, Thank you for taking care of my daughter Mirza Fathima and her surgery. You helped my family and me to take one step at a time towards accepting the right treatment with right attitude. We went every hospital and it all didn’t went well. Finally, we heard about Rims hospital and ortho department. My daughter Mirza Fathima 3-year-old child was admitted in the RIMS hospital on 05/03/2017 with the complaint of severe pain and swelling in the knee. Dr.Praveen kumar founded a broken sewing needle inside the knee through X-Ray and he discussed with her parents and advised for a key hole surgery. Dr.Praveen Kumar took sewing needle from my daughter’s knee and he showed us the needle and we are very happy.I shall be forever grateful for the care and treatment of this dedicated surgeon.I hope that he will receive the praise he so richly shall be forever grateful for the care and treatment of this dedicated orthopedic surgeon.I hope that he will receive the praise he so richly deserves. Best regards, Mother of Mirza Fathima